Friday, October 30, 2009

Girl crush: Liz Rodrigues.

Her name is Liz Rodrigues. She's one of the lead singers of The New Royales, a band that has finessed it's way to the top of my obsession list with the slightest of ease. You've heard them on the "Kinda like a Big Deal" joint Clipse & Kanye did & they have some pretty sick collabos with rap savant Jay Electronica, Self Scientific etc..In a nut shell, her voice is like sex & they're music is my heroin. Here's a clip from the show they did at The Viper Room last month.

Dear Santa, I know I like boys & all, but if you can get the point. Long story short I told my boyfriend I wouldn't kick her outta bed. Thnx St. Nick. I owe ya!! Hear the Bella on the new Slaughterhouse single hook too, peroduced by DJ Khalil.